The OTP keypad is placed on the wall next to the door without affecting its aesthetics!

Works with all types of electric locks and automatic doors. Designed to adapt to all thicknesses and types of door profiles: wooden, aluminum, PVC, fire resistant, security, glass doors, gates.

Ideal for exterior doors exposed to extreme weather conditions.

Access control device power supply AC 230V

2 AA Alkaline batteries power the OTP wireless keypad over an extended lifetime 11/2 years.

Optional multiple OTP keypads (entry / exit).

Optional wired or remote exit button.

The OTP keypad has the ability, remotely to activate time-limited codes without requiring internet on the lock.

Works with BLE digital keys to unlock the lock via the guest’s smartphone.

Connect with:

– Automatic door
– Electric strike
– Power bolt
– Electric magnet
– Exit button

– Exposed to extreme weather conditions
– Indoor use
– Suitable for aluminum & PVC doors with narrow profiles
– Suitable for installation by adjusting holes in existing wooden doors
– Suitable for new doors
– Mechanical overide key
– Material ABS
– Reader technology PIN
– Compatible upgrade to BLE
– Keypad compatible
– Audit trial
– Power supply 220V AC & 2xAA batteries
– Passage mode
– Ability to connect with electric locks or automations
– Optional handles
– Software lockmanage